What Is An EPC?

Updated: Sep 16

What is an EPC?

EPC stands for energy performance certificate

In short, the EPC will assesses the energy efficiency of a property and give it a rating from A to G

The report considers things like how well insulated the property is and it will tell you how much your bills might cost

You can typically find an EPC rating on the advert of a property, the advert of an old or on the EPC register (a public register of all valid EPCs)

EPCs are typically only valid for 10 years

What does an EPC tell you?

1) Current & potential energy costs

2) The performance of features in your property

3) Recommendations for how to improve the rating

What do the ratings mean?

A "G" rating, you guessed it, means your property is very. energy inefficient

The more energy efficient a property is, the lower the energy bills are likely to be.

A report with a high energy efficiency rating is likely to be well insulated, with double glazed windows and a covered boiler

How can you use the information?

EPCs are a great guide for buyers and renters to know what your potential bills will be

It's important to look at them in context though, for example, stone cottages near the seaside are likely to have poor efficiency

Other Points

All estate agents must legally display an EPC on a property within 2 weeks of the property being marketed

Lastly, as a landlord it's worth bearing in mind that by 2025, you'll need at least a "C" rating for all new tenancies

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